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Carpet cleaning, carpet repair and carpet preservation is an art itself. Many years of knowledge have provided us an excellent reputation in preservation, refurbishment and carpet cleaning. We handle all carpet with sensitivity, although maintaining the artist’s function and many weaving traditions. We use exclusive supplies with an emphasis on long-term preservation in the carpet, as well as deliver skilled consulting solutions regarding the preservation, upkeep and carpet cleaning.


Our Echo Park company, offers excellent cleaning solutions which will assure a fresher, healthier and tidier dwelling or office.

We cope with each and every job using the respect our shoppers plus their treasures deserve.

We’re equipped with the most current Quick Deep Cleaning Equipment which give a really deep down cleanse, getting rid of much more spots and messing that can help your upholstery or carpet preserve its high quality and delightful look.

We take advantage of the best Eco-friendly cleaning treatments that does not only clean superior to common chemical substance cleaning, but in addition are secure to your friends and family, your pets, you and the residence.


For decoration, as well as the removing of marks, soil, gravel, mud, and things that trigger allergies could be accomplish by numerous methods, both standard and trendy. Clean carpets are identified by vendors as being being extra visually pleasing, probably longer-lasting, and possibly significantly more healthy rather than badly managed carpets. Experts states that carpet cleaning is highly misinterpreted, and chemical compound developers only have within just current years developed new carpet-care solutions. Particularly, Decomposition of molecules and also other natural techniques operate much better, are less difficult to utilize, demand much less coaching, spare much more time and money, and lead to much less Re-staining than previous procedures.


Our organization provides upholstery, carpet, grout & tile cleaning solutions that are the most productive within the business as well as eco-friendly. Our uniformed, qualified specialists are going to provide cleaning to all the surfaces of one’s residence with incredible final results that keep going. Our fresh approach for cleaning carpet makes it clean and residue absolutely free (with out chemical substances or moldy scents) although our Speed Dry method leaves it dry in roughly 1-2 hours.

The grout & tile cleaning method replenish your grout to its initial colors and original appeal.

About Us

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