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Rug Cleaning

Any Rug or carpet is a Jewel, To you personally and also to for us!

On Echo Park Support, we all fit tender loving care in to every last area rug whether it’s outdated or perhaps brand new. We take advantage of the most trustworthy, ecological, natural products that you could buy.

In depth Cleanup Process


This will give us in order to fresh your own area rugs, the removal of all of marks, stains, plus ground-in dust when carefully safe guarding including the a lot of subtle dust.

All of us recognize that your city sheep skin rugs are needed. People entire the initial seem of your dwelling, nonetheless, they sometimes are in contact with serious visitors, toddler spillage, and in many cases family dog stains.


Different Rugs – Each One In need of Special Care

Each of our expert experts have the particular exercising in addition to skills found it necessary to provide a great research into the best treatments for the rug’s special interweave, material, along with dyes.

People offer every green area rug the actual special care and interest it all has to continue generations!


Our firm gives you a rapid, convenient care with our rug cleaning approach.

To start, we grab your rug and deliver it to our advanced support facility. Then we thoroughly vacuum the rug to remove dust and dirt pieces.

We continue the process by bathing your rug in a revitalizing cure. Our rug professionals use only natural cleaning products.

These items preserve the delicacy of the area rug while fully removing filth and stains.

Just after the pre-conditioning treatment, we wash the rug entirely and dry it equally in a temperature controlled space. Lastly, we groom it thoroughly and perform the final check up before returning it to you.

So regardless of whether your rug is Oriental, wool, silk or synthetic, leave it in our capable hands. You might not be disappointed with all the rug cleaning service we supply.

Rug Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning, Your Choice!

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